Veteran Misfits Military Gamers

Veteran Misfits Military Gamers established in 2013.  We are a gaming community built and operated by military service members, both current and former.  Our foundation was established to fight against the unseen war on PTSD.  Through the power of the internet and gaming, our members have been able to overcome everyday struggles.  Gaming has been clinically proven to help people suffering from PTSD, and here at VMMG, we put our members at the top of our priority:  helping each and every one of us in our every day struggles. with the fight on PTSD as our main objective .  We also strive to help our members with their everyday needs.  Unfortunately, sometimes our service members hit low points and need a break from society.  The transition from military to civilian can be hard, and during that process it can be difficult to maintain an income so our members can also have the capability to request financial assistance, if our funding through our donation system can adhere to their needs. Overall at veteran misfits, we love to game and game together.  We work hard to maintain a fun and friendly environment at all times, and we can honestly say it has been a successful journey.